I started running from a very early age.  My first memory of running was from when I was about 7 years old and I was running around the stadium of a local rugby club as part of a charity run with my Uncle and cousins.  The idea was to run as many laps of the ground as possible and I remember being very disappointed when I had to stop. I had the same feeling a few years later when I ran my first cross country.  Once I crossed the finish line of the girls race, I went back out and ran with the boys in their race. I just loved to run.

I dipped in and out of competitive running throughout high school and Uni but I always ran in a non-competitive sense; it had become a way of life for me and was just something that I did.  It wasn’t until a few years ago that I started to get a bit more competitive with my running again and it has now become a huge part of my life.

With so many trail runs, ultra marathons, alpine adventures, road races, and desert runs popping up on the international running calander, I’ve created a personal  bucket list of events and races that I’d like to do.  This blog is a way for me to rant about all things running and to keep myself moving forward with the hope of one day ticking off as many adventures on my bucket list as possible!



Marathon: 2:56 Half marathon: 1:22.24 10km: 38:41

Race Results

Kepler Challenge, NZ, 60km: 6:53:57 (8th female)
Stromlo, AUS, 30km: 2:25:46 (3rd female)
Melbourne marathon, AUS, 42.2km: 2:59:35 (14th female)
Southern Highlands Challenge, AUS, 23km: 2:01:43 (2nd female)
Gold Coast Marathon, AUS, 42.2km: 2:56:49 (11th female)
Sydney Half Marathon, AUS, 21.1km: 1:23:39 (
Canberra Half Marathon, AUS, 21.1km: 1:26:22 (2nd female)
Tarawera Ultra Marathon, NZ, 100km: 11 hours (11th female)

Point2Pinnacle, AUS, 21km: (2nd female)
Malbourne Marathon, AUS, 42.2km: 2:56 (12th female)
Sydney Half Marathon, AUS, 21.1km: 1:22:30 (9th female)
Southern Highlands Challenge, AUS, 21.4km: 1:36:44 (1st female)
Pub to Pub, AUS, 14km: 57:11 (1st female)
Bay to Bay Half Marathon, 21.1km: 1:23:35 (2nd female)


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