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Reflections from a Year of Uncertainty

Toeing the line with Commonwealth Games and Olympic champions; standing shoulder-to-shoulder with some of Kenya’s top marathon runners. This was an experience I didn’t think would ever happen. Yet here I was in 2015, starting in the elite filed in … Continue reading

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Kepler Challenge 2015

It was 3am; I’d been tossing and turning in bed for most of the night, legs twitching, back aching and head pounding. I’d been slipping in and out of sleep, dreaming of falling over the edge of a mountain and … Continue reading

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Demi Tour du Mont Blanc

Mid-way through 2014, I was drawn towards the idea of a 170km race through the French, Italian and Swiss Alps, set against the stunning backdrop of the Mont Blanc massif.  The race was the Ultra Trail Du Mont Blanc (UTMB); the jewel in … Continue reading

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Central Coast Half Marathon

I always follow the same routine the night before a race, and the night before the Central Coast Half marathon was no exception; pin race number on shirt, eat a large pasta dinner, check kit about ten times, alarm set for stupid O’clock in … Continue reading

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From Tarmac to Trail

For almost two decades I’ve thought of myself as a pretty decent runner.  I’m certainly no Paula Radcliff or Joan Benoit Samuelson, but I always thought I’m pretty OK.  During high school I usually came in the top 3 for … Continue reading

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Blackmores Sydney Marathon 2012

Blackmore’s Sydney Marathon – Sydney, Australia Race Date – 16/09/2012 Goal Time – 3:45 Finish Time – 3:38 (PB) Summary Course Profile: Mostly flat with a few inclines, particularly during the final 10km.  Quite a few loops during the middle part of … Continue reading

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